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Lawn Mowing and Lawn Care

 Our lawn care team will put great effort into ensuring that your lawn remains well-maintained. We offer this service on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Our goal is to keep your property well-manicured. We understand and appreciate how one’s lawn can dramatically improve the look of one’s property.

Small Tree and Shrub Pruning

The pruning of shrubs and trees not only improves the look of your garden, but it also helps your plants remain healthy and lush. In addition to pruning shrubs and trees, we also thoroughly clean up all clippings and dispose of them accordingly.

Spring, Fall & Storm Clean Ups

Our clean up service rep-resents the bookends of our season. At the beginning of Spring, we will remove all leaves, fallen tree limbs and other debris left on your property from the Winter. Similarly, we time our Fall cleanups to coincide with the dropping of leaves from trees.


The planting of trees and shrubs is the most impactful way to change the look of your landscaping. With a compliment of small trees, plants, flowers (annual and perennial) and ornamental grasses, we can provide you with a landscape design that meets your needs.

Flower Bed Maintenance

Throughout the season, we offer a monthly bed maintenance service to remove any weeds, fallen tree limbs or any plants or trees that have died. We also offer impromptu services if you’re interested in acquiring this service for a particular event.

Grading and Sodding

If your yard is collecting water, or you have large areas of your property is lacking grass, you may be interested in have the area graded and sodded. Through grading, we can alter the contour of the property to meet your needs and to account for stormwater runoff. Once the grading has been completed, we will then install the sod to complete the process.


There are a few benefits to applying mulch to your flower beds. In addition to giving your flower beds a nice, clean look and controlling the presence of weeds, mulch also serves as an erosion control feature. Mulch also retains moisture, thus providing the plants and trees in your flower beds with water.

Aeration and Seeding

Towards the end of the Fall season, we provide a service that will enhance the look of your lawn. The process of aerating a lawn involves puncturing it at a depth of two to four inches. This allows the lawn to receive water, oxygen and fertilizer to penetrate the soil. Once aerated, we will apply a high-quality grass seed that will begin to germinate with a few weeks.